Forged parts

ARA-T provides for you forgings of steel and stainless steel, iron, bronze and copper alloys.
The advantages of the forgings are high strength with complex shape and geometry.
Unlike other production processes occur on forged shapes and contours no load peaks, but solidified material areas.

Possible methods:

– Open-die forging presses (forging)

– Upsetting (drop forging)

– Die cutting the blanks

– Lines with open-die forging hammer

Example products:

Distribution bridges, joints, bridges, gears,
Pins, levers, cranks, spring plate, retaining pins, chains, chain link, chain parts and chain components, chain drives, sprockets, etc.

Heat treatment:

Annealed, Heat Treated, Annealed,
Hardened and Tempered

Standard procedures for demanding forgings:
Normalizing, tempering with oil quenching, tempering followed by cooling in air.


Blasted, sand blasting, glass bead blasting,
Trovalizing (drums for castings)