The different production standards of the various Titans refer next to mechanical characteristics and chemical composition also to tolerances and material properties.
In order to meet each individual application, we offer semi-finished parts according to various standards.

Pure titanium:
Titanium Grade 1 (material no. 3.7025)
Titanium Grade 2 (material no. 3.7035)
Titanium Grade 3 (material no. 3.7055)
Titanium Grade 4 (material no. 3.7065)

Titanium alloys:
Titanium Grade 5 (material no. 3.7165 and 3.7164)
Titanium Grade 7 (material no. 3.7235)
Titanium Grade 9 (material no. 3.7194)
Titanium Grade 11 (material no. 3.7225)
Titanium Grade 12 (material no. 3.7105)
Titanium Grade 23 (material no. 3.7165)

ASTM B265: sheets, strips and plates
ASTM B348: Bars and Rods
ASTM B337: seamless drawn and welded pipes
ASTM B338: seamless drawn and welded pipes for use as condensers and heat exchangers
ASTM B861: seamless drawn titanium tubes
ASTM B862: welded titanium tubes
ASTM B863: titanium wire (also known as ERTI welding wire)
ASTM B367: titanium castings
ASTM B381: titanium forgings
ASTM F67: for use in the medical field / Implantology
ASTM F136: Titan Grade 5 ELI (extra low interstitial) for use in the medical field
AMS: various aviation standards (aerospace material specifications), for example, AMS 4911, AMS 4920, AMS 4928, AMS 4934, AMS 4935, AMS 4965, AMS 4967, AMS 6930, AMS 6931, AMS T-9046, AMS T-9047 etc..
LN: various German aviation standards such as LN 9163, LN 9297, LN 9343, LN 65111 etc.
DIN: German industry standards such as DIN 17850, DIN 17860, DIN 17861, etc.