ARA-T supplies reliable with screws, nuts, washers, screws and studs according to DIN, ISO and drawing. If desired, eg. it is possible to change  the color of the connection elements by anodizing.
We sell all products described in different materials, such as, stainless steel or nickel/cobalt alloys (eg. 2.4605 or 2.4105 or 2.0853, etc.), as well as tantalum, molybdenum or other sintered alloys.


Pure titanium:
Titanium Grade 1 (Material-No. 3.7025)
Titanium Grade 2 (Material-No. 3.7035)
Titanium Grade 3 (Material-No. 3.7055)
Titanium Grade 4 (Material-No. 3.7065)

Titanium alloy:
Titanium Grade 5 (Material-No. 3.7165 und 3.7164)
Titanium Grade 7 (Material-No. 3.7235)
Titanium Grade 9 (Material-No. 3.7194)